2017-18 Cyclocross Season Wraps Up!

The 2017-18 season has officially come to a close with a great final ride at US Cyclocross Pro Nationals in Reno, Nevada. Finishing in 8th, I checked the box of a top 10 which was my primary goal for the weekend – though a top 5 would have hit the higher mark I was shooting for.

Reno CX Nationals, 8th place finish. Photo by Kenza Bartonschlee of TheCyclistsJournal

This season was not without hiccups and a learning curve, tackling the season as a privateer with excellent equipment support from Specialized, Sportful and Oakley as well as nutrition from The Feed. Outside of the equipment and nutrition support, everything else was left to be decided and planned around. Zach Edwards was a huge resource all season and I’m very thankful that he agreed to the job.

Louisville Derby City Cup by Micheal Boedigheimer

Operating out of a mini van most weekends was a noticeable change from the full pro team trucks and compounds. The flexibility of a two man show has it’s pro’s and con’s, certainly. We were light on our feet and in and out exactly when we wanted to be. On the other hand, we often parked in general parking which meant longer distances to the start/finish area and pits which added a bit of logistical planning to the weekend on the timing front.

Louisville Derby City Cup by Micheal Boedigheimer

I’d say the most notable difference in not being in the pro team areas is that I missed the camaraderie of the traveling circus from years passed. For the 2018-19 season, I’ll do a bit of rethinking which races to head out to and try and put in fewer, better performances compared to this season. Though I said I’d limit my travel this year on the onset of the season, I ended up attending nearly as many races as the past season with Boulder Cycle Sport.

Iowa City Cyclocross World Cup. Photo by Larry Miles


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