Strength and Mobility Training for Cyclocross at RallySport with Erin Carson

Front loaded squat at RallySport

Front loaded squat at RallySport

One of the things that’s really helped me stay on top of things throughout the season and be downright faster has been strength and mobility training on a regular basis. Erin Carson, of RallySport Boulder, leads our twice weekly strength sessions as a component of the APEX Coaching group. On Tuesdays and Fridays, a group of pro triathletes, cyclists, runners and swimmers get together under Erin’s guidance and work through a wide range of moves. The goal is never a single focus as simple as “get stronger.” From dead lifts and squats, to speed work on the ladder on the ground, to box jumps, to pilates-type workouts and yoga poses – the group runs through a program complimentary to the on bike (or foot/pool for those multi sporter types) training schedule.

For me, I notice things like improved seated power, resistance to fatigue week-in and week-out, ability to transfer power to the wheels across bumpier terrain and a boosted ability to resist injury or lessen the effects of a crash. I’ve been working with Erin now for a couple years and my challenge this coming fall is to keep the strength program as a part of my weekly schedule even with the travel on each weekend. I think it’ll be a big boost for my consistency throughout the season.

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