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Frequently Asked Questions

A: If the Rack Finder returns only hitch mounted models then it would mean that you can’t safely use a strap mounted carrier on your vehicle. Typically this is the case where there is not adequate structural support at the top of the rear door for the rack and bicycles.

A: For most step-through, full suspension, children’s and women’s style bicycles an adaptor bar will allow these bicycles to be installed onto a bicycle carrier. The adaptor bar fits bicycles with a distance of 18” and 27” between the headset and seat tube. Please refer to the video for this item HERE

A: To quickly unlock remove your QR rack from your vehicle, please refer to the instructional video for this item HERE

A: If you have the removable end caps on the carry arm of your older model Allen Rack, then yes, the New Tie-Down Cradles will fit. Since the new tie-downs are about ½” longer than the deluxe version tie-downs, you will need to shorten the black tubular spacers that go between the tie-downs.

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