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A: If you have the removable end caps on the carry arm of your older model Allen Rack, then yes, the New Tie-Down Cradles will fit. Since the new tie-downs are about ½” longer than the deluxe version tie-downs, you will need to shorten the black tubular spacers that go between the tie-downs.

A: To determine whether or not any of our racks will fit your specific vehicle, please refer to our online Rack Finder HERE. For any additional questions, please email

A: Carrying E-Bikes would depend on the weight of each bicycle. If the overall weight of the bicycle exceeds the 35 LB per bicycle limit it might be advisable to remove the battery during transport to potentially meet the allowable weight limit.

A: Please visit the Parts section on our web site HERE to order what you need for your rack.

A: As we have not tested our items to verify if they will safely work with other rear mounted carriers, we do not recommend this application.

A: To understand the difference between our Deluxe and Premier model carriers, please refer to these comparisons:



A: Every state has different rules which apply to the display of license plates on a vehicle, and whether or not the license plate can be obscured. In most states where an obstructed license plate is prohibited, you can move the license plate to behind the rack and bicycles to be in compliance. Alternately, in some states you can display your license plate inside of the rear window of your vehicle to comply with local rules. It is important that to check your local motor vehicle statutes to ensure that you are in compliance when using your Allen rack. Also, you should always remove your rack from your vehicle when not in use.

A: Most of our carriers are rated to carry up to 35 LB per bicycle. The exception would be our model AR200 which will carry up to 40 LB per bicycle.


A: Please review this VIDEO for complete instructions on this issue.

A: For most step-through, full suspension, children’s and women’s style bicycles an adaptor bar will allow these bicycles to be installed onto a bicycle carrier. The adaptor bar fits bicycles with a distance of 18” and 27” between the headset and seat tube. Please refer to the video for this item HERE


A: Since the size of rear mounted spoilers vary greatly, the best way to confirm fit would be to email side and rear views of your vehicle to

A: Our model 102DB will work with the 2017 and older Prius models. You can find this item HERE.

A: For vehicles where you are unable to secure the lower strap(s) on your rack below the bumper, you should be able to secure the lower strap(s) using one of our alternate methods. Please refer to THESE INSTRUCTIONS on how to mount your rack using an alternative method.


A: If the Rack Finder returns only hitch mounted models then it would mean that you can’t safely use a strap mounted carrier on your vehicle. Typically this is the case where there is not adequate structural support at the top of the rear door for the rack and bicycles.

A: If your Allen hitch mounted carrier is moving inside of your receiver hitch, please refer to these instructional videos.

1. For QR models please review this video HERE

2. For non-QR models please refer to this link HERE

A: To quickly unlock remove your QR rack from your vehicle, please refer to the instructional video for this item HERE

A: Due to the different suspension systems on a trailer, Allen racks should never be used on anything that is towed behind another vehicle.

A: We do not sell the hitch inserts on our carriers as a stand alone part.

A: Our QR models include an integrated lock on the hitch insert which allows you to lock your rack to your vehicle. For non-QR models, the best solution that we recommend for securing the rack and bicycles to the rack is to use an 8’ or 10’ straight locking cable to lock both the bicycles and rack to the metal safety loops that are built into your vehicle’s receiver hitch.

A: The fifth bicycle position on the Allen hitch mounted carriers is on a position inside of the vertical post. The hitch insert on the carriers are longer to accommodate this position. Having the racks in a 4 + 1 configuration makes it easier to load bicycles than having all 5 bicycles outside of the vertical post. The inside bicycle should be loaded with the chain and gears toward the vehicle. Use caution that no parts of the bicycle come into contact with the vehicle.

A: If the issue is that the knob spins freely, then you most likely do not have the knob engaged properly.  Here are the steps we recommend to loosen your rack inside of your hitch:  

1.  Insert key into lock

2.  Turn key counter-clockwise

3.  Remove key

4.  Grasp knob firmly to loosen the knob and rack.  The knob will feel difficult to turn at first, but that is normal. 

5.  If after loosening the knob the rack is still firm inside of the hitch, then you should grasp the rack by the large white ALLEN label and give it a shake - this will release the rack inside of the hitch.


A: You should never use any type of a hitch adaptor with any of our hitch mounted carriers. This could create a potentially unsafe situation which could cause an accident.


A: Both models are very similar. The AST202 has a slightly smaller rear storage area.

A:  There is a company that offers an adaptor to allow our trailer couplers to attach to bicycels with 12mm and thru axles.  This is available through  Please make sure to observe all cautions, warnings, and safety protocols specified in the Allen trailer user manual!  

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